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Adinkra symbol for Lifelong Learningbluknowledge n. [bloo • nol • ij] origin: a word fusion: blueprint + knowledge
a learning design and research firm that specializes in design, delivery, and study of education and community-building experiences for learners of all ages.


Current Happenings!

Happy New Year!

We are eager to share our LoravoreTM Learning by Bluknowledge Design Notebook.

This notebook is inspired by authentic learning in schools and communities, collaborations with education researchers and practitioners, and an enduring love of learning.

It is a creative space to document ideas, feedback, and experiences that translate into useful design knowledge aimed to improve teaching and learning.

Each “entry” is intended to communicate the use of digital tools, instructional strategies, and learning tasks in thoughtful, practical ways for implementation in a variety of learning settings, such as STEM, blended, or community spaces.

Check out and share our first entry: Use digital-recording tools to facilitate face-to-face, peer discussions.

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We gladly welcomed the opportunity to determine the best ways to support family engagement and STEM learning. Read more about our connections to the US military and what happened when we offered families the chance to learn together!