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a learning design and research firm that specializes in design, delivery, and study of education and community-building experiences for learners of all ages.

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Ready to inspire your team? Book Dr. Erika D. Tate to deliver your next keynote!

Transcending distance and leveraging technology, Dr. Erika D. Tate empowers teachers and schools to build learning communities in digital spaces.

Watch her latest virtual keynote reel. Celebrate her recent keynote address to Tracy Unified School District, California. Schedule her for your next event.

SURVEY SAYSFamilies Share Learning at Home Experiences during COVID-19 School Closures

Earlier this year, we surveyed families to learn more about their learning experiences at home during the COVID-19 school closures. We are proud to share the range of family learning happening across the United States and in Savannah, Georgia. We hope these findings prompt schools and districts to remain reflective and open when planning for and designing learning with families in mind.

During the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE) REMOTE & UP CLOSE! event, Dr. Erika D. Tate facilitated virtual professional learning communities (PLCs) with over a hundred educators from across the country. Together, they set out to build community and plan for how to engage learners (students and teachers) in virtual or blended learning experiences this fall that increase learner achievement and strengthen relationships. Follow our learnings on Twitter with #BlendLC!

New Blog Series: Design Remote Learning with the Learners’ Families in Mind!

Part 1: Prioritize What Learners Need to Learn Most! (video)

Part 2: Plan  Learning for Varying Levels of Family Support

Part 3: Balance Learning with Families’ Changing Priorities


👀 Check it out! 👀 We’ve published Entry No. 5: Articulating the “T” in STEAM: Blended Learning that Empowers Learners to Collaborate, Create, and Communicate like STEAM Professionals.

Our Loravore®️ Learning by Bluknowledge Design Notebook is inspired by authentic learning in schools and communities, collaborations with education researchers and practitioners, and an enduring love of learning.

It is a creative space to translate ideas and experiences into design knowledge aimed to improve teaching and learning.

Each “entry” is intended to communicate the use of digital tools, instructional strategies, and learning tasks in thoughtful, practical ways for implementation in a variety of learning settings, such as STEM, blended, or community spaces.

Look 👀! We’ve posted a new blog: Watch my Inspire Talk! Learn Why I 💖 Community!

In five minutes or less, learn how Dr. Erika D. Tate’s childhood and a career devoted to the design of community learning experiences helped her foster a sense of belonging, purpose, and home.

Read blogs on Facilitating Blended STEM Learning in Service of our US Military Families (Part 1 and Part 2)

We gladly welcomed the opportunity to determine the best ways to support family engagement and STEM learning. Read more about our connections to the US military and what happened when we offered families the chance to learn together!