Education: Professional Learning + Curriculum Design, Evaluation and Research

Learn about our education projects.

  • Design and deliver customized professional learning experiences for teachers and instructional coaches
  • Perform job-embedded instructional coaching to improve STEM teaching and learning and support digital technology integration
  • Conduct school- and district-wide needs assessments and curricular audits of STEM teaching and learning environments
  • Design STEM curriculum and assessments, including technology-enhanced instruction, for school, after-school, and community settings
  • Research student and professional learning of  STEM content knowledge and practices21st Century skills, and effective instructional strategies

Community: Advocacy and Research

Learn about our community projects.

  • Design, implement, and analyze focus groups, stakeholder interviews, and surveys
  • Conduct literature reviews of relevant research and evidence-based practices
  • Evaluate community education, interventions, and policies to determine effectiveness and impact
  • Design and assess community learning experiences on topics such as healthy eating, early learning, and advocacy for policy change
  • Facilitate community forums to listen and give voice to local residents about supports and barriers that affect their quality of life

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