We build inclusive evaluation systems that lead to more inclusive organizational practices and programming, generate evidence of impact and continuous improvement, and position your organization for increased funding and growth.

Our Guiding Principles for Conducting an Inclusive Evaluation

We empower mission-driven organizations to plan and implement inclusive evaluation systems that


Define focal communities, participants, and key stakeholders.

Apply critical frameworks and lenses that make visible their lived experiences, including powered relationships and intersectional narratives.


Design respectful and responsive data collection methodologies that consider the perspectives of participants and stakeholders.

Communicate the experiences and narratives of those who have been historically excluded, marginalized, minoritized, othered, muted, ignored, or silenced.


Position communities, participants, and key stakeholders as experts in their lived experiences.

Invite them to contribute to the evaluation planning, implementation, and communication and utilize the findings to benefit their communities.

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Our Impact

Evaluation Checkup: Watch our Inclusive Evaluation Video Series to identify your organizational needs!

Mission-Driven? Do Good Works?

Inspired by this emoticon,🤷🏾‍♀️, I pose the question to mission-driven leaders who do good work: How do you know that your program, research, or initiatives are achieving the desired impact?

Need Evidence of Impact? Show Me The Data!

Whether gifted, raised, or earned, you must prove that the money you spend on staff and services adds value to the communities you serve. And you need data to do this!

Got Data? Need Support?

You’ve made the decision to conduct an evaluation. Now, you need to decide how you will analyze the data you’ve collected.

Need Evidence of Impact? Show Me The Data!

Just as every great author needs an editor, every mission-driven leader needs an evaluation partner.

Upcoming Inclusive Evaluation Workshop

Are you seeking to create an inclusive evaluation plan for your organization?

Join our upcoming Inclusive Evaluation Planning Workshop! 

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Our Inclusive Evaluation 101: Grow Your Impact workshop brings together mission-driven leaders who wish to grow their impact by crafting their organization’s story about how they change the people and places they serve.

In this interactive 2-hour workshop, you will be in community with other mission-driven leaders as you

💮 build your knowledge about evaluation, our guiding principles, and key components of an inclusive evaluation plan.

💮 engage in reflective dialogue about how your current evaluation practices align with your organization’s mission.

💮 participate in group coaching and feedback about how to align your future evaluation practices with our guiding principles.

Specifically, we’re looking for the following:
👉🏾 You’re a mission-driven leader of a non-profit organization or you’ve been running a community impact program

👉🏾 You’re considering evaluation as a way to generate evidence of your impact and grow your organization’s scope and capacity.

👉🏾 You need support to create an evaluation plan that details your objectives, data collection & analysis, and informs your reporting.

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