Remix EQ Live n. [rē • miks • ē • kyōō līv] a platform that amplifies the pursuit of equity (EQ) across communities

A livestream show that builds community around equity-driven approaches through conversations with inspiring changemakers who share how and why they make the world a more just place.

Join host Dr. Erika D. Tate, and her inspiring guests live! |  2nd & 4th Fridays at 11:30 am Eastern on LinkedIn.

Remix EQ Live! Amplifying equity through a mix of information, interviews, and inspiration.

Every episode, we “center the work” as Remix EQ Live guests drop

  • knowledge about their approaches to advancing equity in their communities.
  • inspiration about why they’re committed to making the world amore just place.



Apply Today! to join Cohort 1 starting November 28th

Remix EQ Seminar is a 15-day curated learning experience that empowers mission-driven professionals to make the world a more just place. 

Dr. Erika D. Tate curates and facilitates a welcoming and supportive space for reflection, knowledge-building, and inspiration among those who feel 

• overwhelmed by the inequities of the world

• isolated from others who center equity in their work

• unsure of how to become a changemaker. 

During this seminar, you will build community with other #changemakers across fields and disciplines as we explore themes of identity, inquiry, and impact.


Watch as Dr. Erika D. Tate welcomes the Remix EQ Live Community into season two with a RALLY!

She affirms Remix EQ Live as a RALLY, a platform that brings together people interested and in pursuit of equitable outcomes in their communities – local or global.

She also declares RALLY our season two battle cry, a call to action for the Remix EQ Live Community: To Recognize, Appreciate, Learn, Love, and take care of You as you work to make the world a more just place.

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Watch as Dr. Kyla McMullen, host of the Modern Figures Podcast and newly tenured Associate Professor at the University of Florida, discusses why she’s such a fierce advocate for broadening participation in computing. 

She provides examples of how she pushes the field of computing to be more diverse and inclusive and shares the unique considerations for Black women in computing. 

Dr. McMullen inspires us with her unwavering commitment to elevating Black women in computing and reminds allies how to effectively support efforts to make the world a more just place.

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Watch as Josh Edelman, Senior Advisor with the US Program at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, discusses how to center equity when investing in education. 

He describes the division-wide diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts within the Foundation and how it has impacted investments and partnerships seeking more equitable educational outcomes.

Josh inspires us with lessons learned as an education practitioner and philanthropist, and his clear passion to make the world a more just place.

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Watch as Ayodele Harrison, Senior Partner of Education at CommunityBuild Ventures, and Dr. Christopher Small, Director of Educational Leadership at Florida State University, discuss barriers and support for Black men pursuing leadership in schools.

Dr. Small provides examples of how he creates opportunities for Black men to identify and advance as education leaders, such as diversifying representation of professors and mentors and building capacity in instructional leadership.

Ayodele underscores the importance of increasing emotional intelligence and curating professional learning spaces that are inviting and supportive of Black men as they cultivate their leadership in schools and beyond.

Both offer fresh perspectives on diversity and inclusion in schools and school leadership as they remind why they’ve chosen to make the world a more just place.

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Watch as Vivian Acquah, Inclusive Workplace Wellness Advocate at Amplify DEI, and Rahimeh Ramezany, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Intercultural Specialist at Rahimeh Ramezany Consulting, discuss the role of wellness and religion in creating more inclusive organizations.

Vivian compels leaders to consider the relationship between stress, empathy, and inclusive workplace practices. Plus, we learn how she’s leveraged virtual reality to help people walk in someone else’s shoes.

Rahimeh provides examples of how religion and intersectionality guide her work to help organizations build their capacity and become more inclusive.

Both contribute unique perspectives on inclusivity and remind us why they’re moved to make the world a more just place!

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Watch as Nichole Pinkard, Ph.D., Alice Hamilton Professor, Learning Sciences, School of Education and Social Policy (SESP) at Northwestern University & Founder of Digital Youth Network (DYN), and Jean-Claude Brizard, President and CEO of Digital Promise Global, discuss their work at the intersection of equity, technology, and learning.

Dr. Pinkard provides insights into how networked civic organizations can ensure equitable allocation of space and resources to engage and sustain youth participation in STEM learning in schools and communities.

Jean-Claude exemplifies how partners and stakeholders within an ecosystem can work together to increase access to innovative learning among those who’ve been historically and systematically excluded.

Both share empowering stories and perspectives that remind us why they’ve chosen to make the world a more just place!

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Watch as Dr. Brandeis Marshall, CEO at DataedX Group and author of Data Conscience: Algorithmic Siege on Our Humanity, discusses how she centers equity in education and practice within the data industry.

She models what it means to be a culturally-responsive educator and practitioner as she presents examples from her book that challenge the “move fast and break things” philosophy and explain how to embed equity in all aspects of data and technology processes.

Dr. Marshall brings into focus the lived experiences of those who’ve been historically excluded from the data industry. Her fierce advocacy of Black women in data reminds us why she “puts in the work” to make the world a more just place.

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Watch Dr. Erika D. Tate RALLY the Remix EQ Community to celebrate season 2 of Remix EQ Live and reflect on what empowers us to make the world a more just place. 

Dr. Tate poses the question: How have your lived experiences shaped your pursuit of equity in school, community, and work spaces?

As she prompts us to consider the “who”, “how”, and “why”, she reflects on how her lived experiences have connected her with different communities as a listener, learner, and changemaker. 

More importantly, Dr. Tate reminds us why she’s in awe of the Remix EQ Community, those who seek to make the world a more just place. 

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Watch as Dr. Erika D. Tate launches Remix EQ Live! She shares her “why” behind the show: Her desire to amplify those who work in the equity space.

The interview format brings together two guests in similar fields with different approaches. Guests offer examples of the equity work they perform, how they came to do their work, and why they do it in a particular way. She emphasizes that the show is not just about using her voice for good. It’s about creating a platform to inform and inspire those who choose or feel called to make this world a more just place.

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Watch as Kathy Anderson, MD, and Kathleen Maignan, NP share their unique career pathways in medicine and nursing.

They discuss how race-based data indicates differences in how patients of color are treated and the negative impact on health outcomes in communities of color. Both call for diverse representation in providers and researchers who use the data to drive equity. They remind us that our experiences as women of color — challenges and traumas included, combined with our expertise and passions equip us to “lead the work” to make the world a more just place.

Learn more about Kathy Anderson, MD and Kathleen Maignan, NP.

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Watch as Dr. Erika D. Tate puts on her learning designer hat to support you to process the information and inspiration you see, hear, and feel on the show.

As she answers the question, “What does equity look like in a classroom on a Monday?”, she describes her approach to observing a learning experience and shares indicators and examples of instructional equity. She speaks to the power of wonder and models how Remix EQ Live! can be a wonder-filled experience. In the end, she hopes your connection to her guests not only build your knowledge and skills, but also empower you to identify your purpose as you work to make the world a more just place.

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Watch as Alicia Johnson, the Executive Director of Step Up Savannah and Andraya Mimms, Assistant Public Defender for Chatham County and owner of Mimms Mediation, discuss their advocacy for families and communities.

Alicia pushes us to broaden what it means to advocate for low-wealth communities through coalition building and policymaking in order to increase their access, influence, and opportunities to thrive. Andraya helps us understand mediation as a more equitable and empowering option for resolving conflict within families and communities of color. In their discussion, it is evident why they center on families and advocate with the respect and fierceness necessary to make the world a more just place.

Learn more about Alicia M. Johnson and Andraya Mimms, Esq.

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Watch as Nita Penn, Director of the ACE Women’s Business Center – Savannah Region, and Gloria J. Strauthers, Principal Consultant of Exodus Management Consulting share their insights into the entrepreneurial journey.

Nita reminds us that there are no self-made entrepreneurs as she discusses why she customizes her programming and technical assistance for BlPOC women in the Savannah region. Gloria offers a peek into her entrepreneurial journey as a management consultant who focuses on building and changing systems to ensure equitable resource distribution in businesses and communities. Both let us in on why their passion for people has led them to close the knowledge gap as it relates to entrepreneurship and ultimately make the world a more just place.

Learn more about Nita Penn and Gloria J. Stauthers.

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Watch as Tesmerelna Atsbeha, Senior Program Officer at Wellspring Philanthropic Fund, and Dr. Angela DeBarger, Education Program Officer at William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, lift the veil on philanthropy. They share their career pathways and how they entered into the field of philanthropy to advance equity.

As Tesmer discusses her pursuit of gender justice, she underscores that how the work is performed is as important as the work. Dr. DeBarger explains why open education resources (OER) are key to empowering students and teachers within their learning communities to access high-quality, culturally-responsive curriculum materials. 

Both speak about navigating the field of philanthropy as Black women and how institutional change is necessary for them (and others like them) to bring their full selves to this important work. And this all against the backdrop of a changing field in terms of representation and policies and practices that repair historical inequities in order to make the world a more just place.

Learn more about Tesmerelna Atsbeha and Dr. Angela H. DeBarger.

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Watch as Venola Mason, Associate Partner & Author at the International Center for Leadership in Education, and Michael O’Neal, Executive Director of Parent University, share how to build equitable relationships and learning communities. 

We celebrate Venola’s book, Teach Up!, as she explains how her PAUSE & REACT tool enables teachers to support all students in their classrooms. Mike reports that listening and responsive action have been key to empowering parents to build relationships with their children and each other, and expanding Parent University into new communities across the country.

Both are inspired when people get the chance to be who they are and get what they need. Tune in to hear how these masterful relationship builders are fostering communities of learning that make the world a more just place.

Learn more about Venola Mason and Michael O’Neal.

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Watch as Dr. Erika D. Tate celebrates the inaugural season of Remix EQ Live! She speaks to the importance of “marking occasions” and aligning pathways, purpose, and passion. 

These marked occasions include “whys” which might have been hurtful, and career pathways filled with twists, turns, curves, and swirls. 

Activating our sense of purpose and passion, Dr. Tate reminds us that Remix EQ Live is an occasion to be marked because we’ve been inspired, by our Remix EQ guests and community, to make the world a more just place.

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