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bluknowledge n. [bloo • nol • ij]
origin: a word fusion: blueprint + knowledge

We’re a learning firm that advances equity through the design and study of learning experiences in schools and communities.


We’re Off to a ROAR-ing Start!

🦁 Watch! We enter March like a lion-ness! Check out Our February Headlines to keep tabs on our progress in 2021. Get ready to celebrate Women’s History Month! We’re planning to discuss issues that have a disparate impact on women and showcase innovative approaches to social change. Plus, we encourage you to roar with pride about all you have achieved!

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ICYMI: Watch this recent recording of Dr. Tate on LitWorld’s Facebook and YouTube with Duane Davis, Executive Director of the UChicago My Very Own Library Program. This #WRADChat  celebrated Black voices in storytelling and explored ways of discussing race and equity with young people!

EDUCATORS: Register today to participate in Dr. Tate’s upcoming ASCD webinar: A Gift of Digital Learning: Empowering Teachers to Build an Equitable Assessment Practice.

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