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bluknowledge n. [bloo • nol • ij]
origin: a word fusion: blueprint + knowledge

We’re a learning firm that advances equity through the design and study of learning experiences in schools and communities.


We Shine Our Partner Spotlight! 📚 🌍

Watch! This month, we shine our Partner Spotlight on Litworld! Their mission: Strengthening kids and communities through the power of stories. We celebrate how they position literacy as a tool for self-empowerment and encourage youth to express themselves with confidence.

This summer, along with Stars School Initiatives in Savannah, Georgia, we collaborate to engage young African-American boys in STEM and literacy learning. Continue to tune in this summer for updates on these young stars. And this week on your journey, remember, it’s your world!

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Check out one of Dr. Erika D. Tate’s keynotes. She charged educators to facilitate connections with their learners and to push forward meaningful learning anytime, anywhere. REQUEST HER TODAY!