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bluknowledge n. [bloo • nol • ij]
origin: a word fusion: blueprint + knowledge

We’re a learning firm that advances equity through the design and study of learning experiences for learners and organizations in schools and communities.


We Share Happenings!

Watch! We share happenings! Later this week, we will release our new monthly Loravore®️ Learning Resource to empower educators to deliver effective digital instruction. We announce Dr. Tate’s upcoming ASCD webinar on Building an Equitable Assessment Practice. And we close with a reminder to celebrate Black History all year long!

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Recent and Upcoming Events

ICYMI: Watch this recent recording of Dr. Tate on LitWorld’s Facebook and YouTube with Duane Davis, Executive Director of the UChicago My Very Own Library Program. This #WRADChat  celebrated Black voices in storytelling and explored ways of discussing race and equity with young people!

EDUCATORS: Register today to participate in Dr. Tate’s upcoming ASCD webinar: A Gift of Digital Learning: Empowering Teachers to Build an Equitable Assessment Practice.

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