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Watch! We consider the first of two questions that are foundational to our work at Bluknowledge: What is equity?
Watch! We consider the second of two questions that are foundational to our work at Bluknowledge: What does it mean to advance equity?
Issues and Innovations
Watch! “For Us, By Us” innovations that address Black maternal health challenges and consider the multiple intersectionalities of Black women and people. #BlackMaternalHealth

“It requires an integrated approach to change in terms of policies at the national and local levels and practices in clinical settings and community spaces.”

— Dr. Erika D. Tate on Maternal Health
Read! To raise awareness for Black mental health month, we discuss stigma, racism in schools, and postpartum depression. #BlackMentalHealth
Watch! Discover innovative approaches to ensuring that high-quality childcare is affordable and accessible to all families.
Watch! Innovative approaches that advance equity in accessing business funding and financing are as diverse as Black women entrepreneurs.
Stories and Inspiration
Watch! Mary and her son, Levi, remind us that inspiration can start close to home, even when you’re shooting for the stars.
Watch! Shonda’s stories inspire us with her thoughtful representation of Black women and critical conversations about our communities.
Watch! bell hooks gifts us with theories to understand the world, pathways to dismantle oppression and achieve liberation, and love.

“Her writing showed such a respect for individuals and communities in that she not only honored what they said, but how they said it.”

— Dr. Erika D. Tate about Zora Neale Hurston
Watch! Zora’s commitment to her craft and use of dialect gave voice to a community often unheard. She continues to inspire a generation of researchers and storytellers.

“The work of love is first and foremost about knowledge and knowing a person.“

— bell hooks
Watch! Octavia’s genius and persistence in writing science-fiction has made visible the real and fantastical lives of Black people and has inspired new media and reimagined worlds.
Conversations and Change

” . . . we must interrogate our practices alongside colleagues to ensure our digital instruction meets the needs of every learner. We must . . . provide a more equitable learning experience by inviting and supporting every student to demonstrate what they know and can do.”

Dr. Erika D. Tate in Advancing Fair and Equitable Digital Assessment
Watch! In this talk, Dr. Tate discusses using Bluknowledge as a platform for advancing equity across multiple contexts and communities.
Watch! This dynamic live chat celebrates Black voices in storytelling and explores how to discuss race and equity with young people. #WRADChat
Read! Dr. Tate discusses how to create space in our learning communities where every student can be seen and share what they know and can do. #InstructionalEquity
Listen! We raise awareness about the need to increase the number of Black teachers in the pursuit of educational equity. #WeNeedBlackTeachers

“Margins. Defined, highly contextualized spaces filled with experiences that are unique to particular identities and roles and at times shared across places and people. Resourceful, resilient communities worthy of thoughtful and respectful inquiry and discussion as a means to an end. Justice.”

Dr. Erika D. Tate during SAFE Talk at Utah State University
Watch! This interactive webinar empowers educators across the globe to leverage digital learning tools and build an equitable assessment practice.

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