Bluknowledge is a learning design and research firm that specializes in design, delivery, and study of education and community-building experiences for learners of all ages.

Rooted in principles of social justice and inspired by the richness of community, Bluknowledge focuses on learning experiences that empower people and organizations to transform themselves, their families, schools, and communities.


Erika D. Tate, PhD
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Erika D. Tate founded Bluknowledge to extend the scope and impact of her community service and design-based research experience to support healthy, sustainable, and just communities. In 2009, Dr. Tate earned her PhD in Education in Mathematics, Science, and Technology, from the University of California, Berkeley. Her doctoral research centered on the design and research of technology- and standards-based science instruction that engaged high school students in evidence-based decision-making about community health and environmental justice issues. Outside the Ivory Tower, Dr. Tate has designed a variety of interactive learning experiences that have taught residents about environmental health injustices in classrooms, neighborhood meetings, farmers markets, and after school programs throughout the Bay Area, California and in Savannah, Georgia.  Bluknowledge fuses her social justice orientation, expertise in inquiry-based science and health education, community-centered design and research philosophy, and demonstrated aptitude for fostering creativity and collaboration.

Publications and Presentations

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The bluTeam

Kristen M. Cellini, MA
Research Associate

Kristen M. Cellini joined the Bluknowledge team in August 2015.  Prior to joining the bluTeam, Kristen’s professional experience was primarily rooted in education-focused organizations.  She has a background in institutional research, working as an analyst for a multi-campus university, which fueled her love of working with data and designing tools and reports to help inform institutional decision-making.  More recently, she worked as an analyst for a national non-profit organization focused on ending K-12 educational inequalities. She earned her M.A. in sociology from Kent State University, with a specialization in social psychology.

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