ASCD Webinar with Dr. Erika D. Tate

Welcome to the interactive digital space for Dr. Tate’s ASCD webinar. Here, we collaborate to share knowledge, practice with digital learning tools and strategies, and spark ideas for building an equitable assessment practice in our classrooms and schools.

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Digital Learning’s Gift to Students: Options for Learning


  • Based on your poll response, locate your column [OPTION A (pink), B (golden), or C (blue)].
  • Review the first 2 posts: READ ME FIRST & EXAMPLE.
  • Click [+] to add your ideas.
  • If time, react [❤️ ] or [Add comment].

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Digital Learning’s Gift to Educators: Evidence of Learning


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  • Respond to prompts.

My Gift to You: Interactive Instructional Resources from Loravore Learning

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