Blog Series: Design Remote Learning with Learners’ Families in Mind

Blog Series: Design Remote Learning with Learners’ Families in Mind

Many months later, remote learning has become the new normal. As you plan for this coming school year — whether it’s personalized support of your faculty or compassionate, responsive instruction for your learners at home, re/visit our blog series: Design Remote Learning with Learners’ Families in Mind. This 3-part series provides practical advice and examples that empower you to consider the experiences of your learners’ families as you plan effective remote learning during this time of uncertainty.

Part 1: Prioritize What Learners Need to Learn Most
Reduce learners’ workload. Increase learning value

  • Focus instructional goals.
  • Use prioritized standards to guide instructional planning.
  • Design integrated learning experiences that address prioritized standards.


Part 2: Plan for Varying Levels of Family Support
Help families help you.

  • Encourage and support learners to seek other resources first before asking their families for help.
  • Be specific about how you want families to support learning at home.
  • Differentiate how families can support learning at home.


Part 3: Balance the Remote Learning Experience for Families
Plan Responsively. Empower Families.

  • Seek opportunities to collaborate and coordinate with teachers and instructional leaders to ensure families are supporting the best possible learning at home.
  • Vary when and how learners and their families engage in remote learning.
  • Build “choice and voice” options into remote learning instruction.


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