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Forsyth Farmers’ Market Bring It Home creates opportunities for community members to “bring home” knowledge of healthy living.

In October 2012, bluknowledge received a $10,000 Healthy Savannah grant to design and deliver ten (10) healthy food education classes and three (3) market events during November 2012 and June 2013. Read more about our grant activities and accomplishments. [clear]

Market events engage new and existing Forsyth Farmers’ Market shoppers in a fun, interactive scavenger hunt. Through play, they become familiar with local farmers and foods; learn how to prepare easy, affordable recipes with local, in-season foods; and participate in physical activity.
Summary: Bring It Home Spring 2012.

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Healthy food education classes introduce community residents to the local food system through a guided shopping tour of the Forsyth Farmers Market (and its satellites) followed by a Healthy FoodKnowledge class that includes nutrition education and hands-on cooking experience.

In addition to promoting healthy practices that can prevent or reduce obesity and other related conditions, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, Bring It Home also contributes to increased food security among low-income households and promotes a more sustainable local food system.