The Long Family wishes you a festive holiday season! We’re eager to share our Long family happenings and updates with you!


Elijah the preschooler, is full steam ahead with his mighty strength (Paw Patrol reference), spontaneous dance moves, and never-ending appetite. All the while, he’s making friends and loving Montessori math. This summer, he started swimming lessons along with his best friend and sister, Katherine, with whom he regularly plots to sneak out to Jekyll Island (90 minutes away). It’s serious y’all, they pack recently folded clothes from their drawers into their rolling suitcases and double check their lists. And no, they do not put their clothes back in the drawer. Next year?!

Still loving all things orange (color and fruit), Elijah enjoys cooking with his dad, collecting sticks and treasures on our hikes, and constructing houses on wheels. Whether at the fair or on the beach, he also enjoys spending time with his grandparents – Papa Don and Grandma (now that she has finally retired) and his Uncle DJ, who recently moved from Kuwait to Honduras.


Katherine has inherited the party-starter gene from her mama and kicked off 2023 with her unicorn disco-themed birthday party. This 5-year old teenager has not met a dance floor, stage, or microphone she doesn’t like. (My genes are strong!) While she enjoys her tv shows and tablet, she prefers outings, stories, crafts, drawing, and more recently, mystery podcasts. 

In the fall, Katherine started Kindergarten at a STEAM school, which should be a perfect fit for this budding scientist/stage performer. Her favorite classes are PE, theater, music, art, and MakerTech. She has become our family’s go-to resource for all things holidays, including Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa, which she has persuaded me to celebrate this year. And of course, she’s still Daddy’s little sweetie (with whom she shares a sweet tooth) and Elijah’s partner in travel and make believe.


Richard is definitely the huntsman, with a record 4 deer during opening weekend! And believe it or not, he’s still at it. Next year, I’ll be writing our holiday updates with my hooves. With Rich’s hobby, the family has learned plenty about the habitat and habits of deer, the role of scientific observations (via camera), and of course the culinary art of stews, sausages, and different cuts of meat. 

Out of the forest, Rich is really enjoying our children at this age. They are eager to don their sous chef hats and show off their expert mess-making abilities. He is amazed at how much they have to say everyday when they wake up and after school until they fall asleep at night. Again, genes are strong! Most of all, he’s enjoyed our family adventures throughout the city and in the seas!


The year has gone by so fast. It’s the minute-to-minute transitions between work and family that convince me I’m living two lives at once. This year, I have accepted how often school is not in session. Katherine, sometimes Elijah, and I have a pretty good routine going: We walk the lake, play the playgrounds, “do our work” in the coffeehouse (at Katherine’s request), and engage in some fun learning via nature, arts, crafts, and “field trips”.

Earlier this year, I gave a talk at TEDxSavannah: Building Community to Make the World a More Just Place. Of course, I am still hosting and producing Remix EQ Live. The interviews, connections, and learning make this a forever project. 

And yes, I have definitely been out and about more. My little social soul loves these streets – the people, connections, & conversations! Yaassss! And I now work out regularly, which means so much to this former fitness instructor. Big thing poppin! Bring it on, 2024!