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How do we use Padlet to empower effective digital instruction?

Padlet is a web app. A “padlet” is a digital space where users post “notes” that are visible to others and available for reactions and comments.

We embedded this LoravoreLearning resource in Padlet to “demo” the power and possibilities of digital tools for learning: presenting information and assessing understanding.

Engage with our Padlet below👇🏾 . Watch our videos. View our images. Click our links. Listen to our audio. React to our content. Scroll right to discover how to build an equitable assessment practice!

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Learning Strategy | 3 Steps to Building an Equitable Assessment Practice

Equitable Assessments are opportunities for ALL learners to demonstrate what they know and what they can do. It is recognizing and honoring the different needs of your learners and designing an assessment strategy that makes visible each learners’ progress toward the agreed upon learning expectations.  

What steps can you take to build an equitable assessment practice?

Engage with our Padlet above👆🏾 to watch our Loravore Learning video series: 3 Steps to Building and Equitable Assessment Practice. Scroll right to add strategies and tools to your instructional toolkit.

  • Step 1: Be Intentional.
    Clarify the what and why for your assessments.
  • Step 2: Be Appropriate. 
    Adapt assessments to meet your learners’ needs.
  • Step 3: Be Transparent.
    Model how to learn from assessments.

How can a digital learning space like Padlet empower teachers to deliver effective digital instruction?

Digital learning spaces like Padlet make available a variety of communication and presentation tools (e.g., video, audio, screen capture, drawing, etc.) in one location to support teachers to effectively deliver and assess instruction. Teachers committed to building an equitable assessment practice can leverage these tools to meet the diverse needs of their learners. When multiple options are easily accessible, teachers feel more empowered to plan for and offer learners choices in how they demonstrate their understanding or represent their thinking. These instructional decisions increase the opportunity for all students to successfully learn anytime, anywhere.

EMPOWER the pursuit of instructional equity TODAY!

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EMPOWER the pursuit of instructional equity TODAY!