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What is EdPuzzle? 

EdPuzzle is an interactive video platform. Instructors can upload and edit videos to encourage active viewing, deliver formative assessments, and monitor learning.

Why do I use EdPuzzle to facilitate digital learning?

Watch (via EdPuzzle platform below👇🏾) to learn 6 reasons why EdPuzzle can empower you to deliver effective digital instruction.

EdPuzzle enables learning experiences that are

  • Video-based: Learners engage with dynamic, information-rich content. 
  • Self-paced: Learners can play, pause, and rewatch as needed.
  • Measurable: Instructors can review learners’ responses to questions and assess progress toward learning goals.
  • Interactive: Instructors can annotate, narrate, and embed questions throughout the video.
  • Easy to create: Instructors can use existing videos or record and upload a custom video.
  • Accessible: Learners can interact with video using a url or QR code or via a Learning Management System (LMS) or website.

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Learning Example | Use Interactive Video to Deliver Effective Digital Instruction

Video is a popular instructional resource for digital learning. It is an engaging medium to learn about a variety of topics. An instructor can

  • show and tell about any subject or strategy
  • share one video with many learners
  • support learning to happen anytime, anywhere.

Learning from video is cognitively demanding and requires a great deal of information processing. Learners

  • must process what they are seeing and hearing simultaneously
  • need support with retention and sensemaking of video content.

How do we empower learners to make sense of the dynamic, information-rich content in videos?

Watch (via EdPuzzle platform below👇🏾) to learn four simple tips for using interactive video.

  1. Preview: Use questions, advance organizers or “look fors” to prompt learners to pay attention to key information while viewing the video.
  2. Focus: Trim or crop video to ensure that learners only view key information. 
  3. Chunk: Pause video or create clips to provide learners time to process key information in the video.
  4. Check: Strategically ask questions to check for understanding of the key information in the video.

How can an interactive video platform like EdPuzzle empower learning?

Interactive video is an instructional strategy that can transform students from passive viewers to active learners. Interactive video platforms like EdPuzzle offer instructors the editing tools to preview, focus, chunk, and check. In addition, these tools provide a delivery system for students to successfully learn from video anytime, anywhere.

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