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Learning Tool | PlayPosit

What is PlayPosit? 

PlayPosit (pronounced Play-Pause-It) is an interactive video platform. Instructors create “bulbs” that include videos, images, questions, and other interactions to increase engagement and learning among students.

Why do I use PlayPosit to facilitate digital learning? 

Watch (via the PlayPosit platform👇🏾 below) to learn about three (3) power features that can empower you to deliver effective digital instruction.

These power features enhance digital learning experiences:

  • Multiple question formats: Select from a variety of question formats: multiple choice, free response, fill-in-the-blank, check all that apply, poll, and discussion. Give students options for how to best represent their thinking. 
  • Conditional interactions: Based on students’ responses to your questions, “jump” them to different video segments. Differentiate and personalize your students’ learning experiences.
  • Learning analytics: View students’ learning behaviors (e.g., which video segments they viewed and for how long) and performance (e.g., responses and scores for your questions). Inform your instructional decisions and adjustments.

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Learning Strategy | 4 Essentials for Using Formative Assessments with Interactive Video

Power up your instruction. Couple formative assessments with the instructional strategy, interactive video

Formative Assessments provide a window into student thinking. We ask students questions or to complete tasks. They respond or submit student work. This learning data answer the questions: 

  • How are students progressing toward the learning objectives?
  • How will instruction change based on student learning progress or challenges?

How can you power up your instruction with formative assessments and interactive video?

Watch (via the PlayPosit platform👇🏾 below) to learn four (4) essentials for using formative assessments with interactive video

  1. Plan assessments for learning: What will students say or do to inform you of their progress toward learning objectives?
  2. Vary question level and format: Which questions engage students at the appropriate level of thinking? Which formats empower them to best demonstrate their thinking?
  3. Offer feedback: How do you support your students to learn about their progress toward the learning objectives?
  4. Adjust instruction: How will you review, revise, or extend your instruction, based on students’ responses?

How can an interactive video platform like PlayPosit empower teachers to deliver effective digital instruction?

Interactive video platforms like PlayPosit enable teachers to gain insight into what students are thinking and doing while engaging with video for learning. Platform features support teachers to embed assessments with varied question formats, offer feedback, and personalize instruction. This increases the opportunity for students to successfully learn anytime, anywhere.

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