Loravore®️ Learning Design Notebook | Entry: 001 Facilitate Face-to-Face Peer Discussions

Our first entry shares instructional strategies for using digital recording tools to facilitate face-to-face, peer discussions.

Loravore®️ Learning by Bluknowledge Design Notebook Entry: 001 Date: 1.4.2019

Instructional Design Bytes byte-sized instructional design tips for blended learning

Blended Learning Design Notes:

1. Learners collaborate to create digital work products.
  • Strategically group learners (by academic and digital skills) to collaboratively create a video or audio product with a digital-recording tool, such as Seesaw, Flipgrid, or Padlet.
  • Offer choice in terms of format (e.g., audio-only, screencast, skit, or use of avatar) or content (e.g., topic, section or aspect of lesson or text, supported opinion or position).
  • Purposefully visit each group to monitor progress, clarify instruction or content, or encourage student thinking and discussion.
2. Learners discuss each other’s digital work products face-to-face.
  • Determine presentation format, such as instructor-facilitated whole class or learner-led small groups.
  • Intentionally select presenters as examples (common ideas or products) or exemplars (high-quality or unique ideas or products).
  • Focus discussion on learning or feedback.
  • Structure peer discussion with roles (e.g., partners A and B, speaker and listener) and frames (e.g., sentence starters, discussion prompts).

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