Loravore®️ Learning Design Notebook | Entry: 002 Increase Student Efficacy in Using Digital Recording Tools for Learning

This entry offers planning and logistical strategies for improving students’ efficacy with using digital-recording tools for learning.

Loravore®️ Learning by Bluknowledge Design Notebook
Entry: 002 Date: 2.15.2019

Instructional Design Bytes
byte-sized instructional design tips for blended learning

Blended Learning Design Notes:

1. Designate “recording studio” time and space for learners.
  • Locate physical space where learners can record with minimal audio and visual distractions.
  • Leverage “station” format to distribute recording time across lessons and enable peer support (e.g., record each other or offer technical assistance to each other).
  • Set appointments for learners to schedule the day and time of their learning “performances”.
2. Provide purposeful practice with digital tools.
  • Prior to the learning “performance”, offer multiple exploration and practice opportunities with the digital tools.
  • Plan for and encourage rehearsals of learning “performances” prior to learners’ recordings.
3. Build capacity of learners to support digital learning.
  • Develop digital learning roles (e.g., tech ambassador,  learning help desk, or DigiLearn crew) in the class (e.g., 1 learner per table group) or school level (e.g., 2 representatives per classroom).
  • Offer resources (e.g., instructor-led how-to stations or online tutorial playlist) and opportunities (e.g., small groups, digital show-n-tell, station-leader) to build knowledge and skills of digital learning leaders.

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