Past Weekly Video Messages

We Support Your Good Works!

📣 Calling all mission-driven leaders who do good work: How do you know that your program, research, or initiatives are achieving the desired impact?

Evaluation is the rigorous process of monitoring progress and measuring impact. It involves setting measurable objectives, designing a methodology to monitor progress toward objectives, collecting and analyzing the data, and communicating your findings in ways that inform and inspire change. 

This can overwhelm even the best leaders.
Breathe in. Know you don’t have to do this on your own.
Breathe out. Schedule a consultation with us.

We are eager to support your mission to do good works, especially if you seek to advance equity in schools and communities. We offer impactful evaluation services to keep you and your team in the know about which good works are achieving the desired impact. 

This week, progress!

We’re Making Bold Moves!

What Bold Moves are you making this year? While boldness is open to interpretation, we share two meanings that have inspired our Bold Moves for 2022.

#1: To emBOLDen is to emphasize. Any shifts, revisions, or retools that prioritize or bring attention to specific features or qualities of your passions or pursuits are Bold Moves. This year, the Bluknowledge team will refocus on building community via conversations centered on equity with our monthly Loravore  Learning EQ webinar and our weekly Promoting Equity campaign. 

#2: BOLD actions involve risk. Any new or repeat goals, projects, or productions that require you muster up courage and look fear in the eye, build confidence with practice, or unthink about the possibility of failure are Bold Moves. After a year of creating 2-3 minute video messages, our founder Dr. Erika D. Tate has decided to go live! Later this month, she will launch Remix EQ Live! to amplify equity with a mix of information, interviews, and of course, inspiration!

This week, we double dare you to emBOLDen thyself in the ways that are most meaningful to you and those you wish to impact!

We’re Counting Down!

What are your “Headlines” for the year? In our last weekly video message for 2021, we countdown our Top Three “Headlines” or happenings that have moved us toward the goal of advancing equity in schools and communities. 

  1. We’ve empowered 15 organizations to advance equity in schools and communities via collaborative research, impactful evaluation, and equity-driven professional learning!
  2. We’ve established ourselves as a resource hub by creating and sharing 13 Perspectives on Equity and 16 Loravore® Learning Resources!
  3. We’ve led and participated in 17 conversations that center on equity in schools and communities! 

We look forward to an even more empowering 2022!

This week, make your own news!

We Show Up!

Watch! We’re pumped up this week as we discuss the benefits of showing up consistently. We recap all we’ve shared together via our weekly video messages: celebrations, events, resources, spotlights, stories, and innovation. 

We’re also very curious! What’s your favorite weekly video message?
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To build more community, we’re going live in 2022 with a fun mix of info, interviews, and inspiration! Stay tuned for more details!

This week, show up!

We’re Off to a Running Start!

Watch! We’re checking in on your pre-game goals. That is the end-of-year goals that will give you a running start in 2022 when you declare your resolutions, goals, or key milestones for the new year. 

Also, we’re announcing two new features to build community via connections and conversations in the coming year: monthly Framing Instructional Equity with Loravore®️ Learning EQ webinars and Promoting Equity conversations on our LinkedIn page.

This week, give yourself a running start!

We Celebrate Giving Tuesday!

Watch! This month, we are adding our voice to the global generosity campaign, Giving Tuesday as we shine a light on three of our previous Partner Spotlights: Stars School Initiatives, LitWorld, and Parent University

We are thankful for the opportunities to partner with these amazing organizations and do good works in Savannah, Georgia, and beyond! Visit our #GivingTuesday page to learn more about each organization, and to show your support with a donation!

This season, be a giver!

We Raise Our Voice!

Watch! In this video, Dr. Tate shares when she first found her voice to speak up against injustice. Today, she uses her business, Bluknowledge, as a platform to advance equity in schools and communities. Like in this month’s webinar, Framing Instructional Equity with LoravoreⓇ Learning EQ, where you’ll learn how our equity-driven instructional design framework is a tool for social justice!

This week, raise your voice!

We Walk That Talk!

Watch! It’s the start of the month and we’re celebrating our “Headlines”: our progress toward our 2021 goals. We’re highlighting the Racial Equity and Leadership (REAL) Taskforce Report in Savannah, Georgia and our contributions to advancing racial equity in schools and communities. Read. Share. Advance Equity. 

This week, we want to see you walk that talk!

It’s Time to Pre-Game for 2022!

Watch! This week, we celebrate our September “Headlines” by inviting you to our pre-game as we begin our goal-setting process for 2022. Join us as we set some business, personal, and even vanity goals for the fall season. Be sure to share your pre-game goals with us on social media! 

This week, let me see you get your pre-game on!

It’s Time for our Partner Spotlight!

Watch! This month, we shine our Partner Spotlight on HerSuiteSpot! We celebrate this nurturing network for advancing women of color leaders and entrepreneurs with workshops, conferences, and learning labs! Most of all, we appreciate their coaching, community-building, and celebration of entrepreneurs! We wish you a sweet week!

We Keep Steppin’!

Watch! Our cup runneth over with excitement as we reminisce about our first pitch contest during last year’s HerRise Conference, and more importantly the steps we’ve taken since then. We boast about our collection of 16 Loravore Learning Resources and announce our first live webinar: Framing Instructional Equity with LoravoreⓇ Learning EQ! We look forward to supercharging our community-building efforts in the next year! This week, get to steppin’!

We Shine our Partner Spotlight on ITEP!

Watch! This month, our Partner Spotlight shines on Georgia Tech’s Inclusive Tech Entrepreneurship Program (ITEP) and their pursuit of equity, justice, and inclusion! This integrated career development program for college students aims to cultivate a pipeline of next generation entrepreneurs who will close the disability divide, advance racial equity, and define the field of Public Interest Technology. This week, make it your business to do good!

We’re Becoming a Resource Hub!

Watch! It’s time for us to share Headlines: progress toward our 2021 goals! We’re celebrating our transformation into a resource hub with our growing Perspectives on Equity collection, more than a dozen Loravore Learning Resources and Playlists, and our new Promoting Equity campaign. These are tools, strategies, and inspiration to inform your work as you advance equity in schools and communities. Today, we’re your resource. Tomorrow, we’re your collaborator!

The Pursuit of Work-Play Balance!

Watch! We discuss the pursuit of the elusive work-life balance. Then offer you the opportunity to bring work and play together with the release of our newest Loravore Learning Playlist: Digital Instruction Redesigns. Upgrade your digital instruction with this month’s curated list of interactive Loravore Learning Resources that will empower you and your team to deliver effective digital instruction. 

This week, own your pursuit of balance even if it differs from others. Namaste.

This Month’s Partner Spotlight!

Watch! This month, we shine our Partner Spotlight on SPE4K, an NSF-funded research collaboration between researchers at the University of Maryland’s iSchool and University of Chicago’s Computer Science Department! These researchers are connecting school and home contexts to figure out the best ways to talk with teachers, parents, and children about technology, privacy and security. 

If you’re a researcher seeking additional feedback on your research programs, schedule a consultation with us to speak about our external evaluation services. This week, we encourage you to speak it into reality!

Play to Win! 🏆

Watch! We celebrate the spirit of the Olympics: our awe for athletes’ heart and dedication, the diversity of competitors, and the push for gender equity and conversations in support of mental health. 

We, too, have come to play with the release of our second Loravore Learning Playlist for teachers and school leaders. This month, we have curated a set of interactive Loravore Learning Resources that support educators to build an equitable assessment practice with effective digital instruction. 

This week, we encourage you to release your inner champion!

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! 🗞

Watch! “Extra Extra! Read all about it!” We start the month of August with our Summer Headlines (aka progress toward our 2021 goals). We also celebrate two newsworthy features: The Creative Coast’s story on our Loravore®️ STEM summer sessions for African-American Boys and my ASCD article, Advancing Fair and Equitable Assessment.

Read, reflect and share the good news! And this week on your journey, we encourage you to be a bit “extra”!

We Shine Our Partner Spotlight! 📚 🌍

Watch! This month, we shine our Partner Spotlight on Litworld! Their mission: Strengthening kids and communities through the power of stories. We celebrate how they position literacy as a tool for self-empowerment and encourage youth to express themselves with confidence.

This summer, along with Stars School Initiatives in Savannah, Georgia, we collaborate to engage young African-American boys in STEM and literacy learning. Continue to tune in this summer for updates on these young stars. And this week on your journey, remember, it’s your world!

What’s On Your Playlist?

Watch! This week, we announce the release of our first LoravoreⓇ Learning Playlist for teachers and school leaders! We have curated engaging instructional videos featuring digital learning tools, strategies, and examples to empower you to deliver effective digital instruction. Subscribe to our newsletter so we can deliver this empowering, on-demand professional learning to your inbox.

Also, we encourage you to personalize and share a playlist that inspires you and connects you with a community of go-getters! This week, make it personal!

In Remembrance and Hope!

Watch! This week, we welcome summer as a time for relaxation and reflection. We pause to consider what it means to celebrate the newest US holiday, Juneteenth: In remembrance of a history and people that are truly American and in hope for a more racially-just society. 

We encourage you to schedule a holiday and take time to remember from whence you came and refresh your vision for where you wish to go. May you feel free this week!

We Shine Our Partner Spotlight! 🌟

Watch! This month, we’re seeing stars as we shine our Partner Spotlight on Stars School Initiatives in Savannah, Georgia. Their mission: Prepare male students to master a rigorous learning curriculum and develop skill sets to effectively interact at home, with peers, community and global society. 

This summer, we are teaming up to engage young African-American boys in culturally-relevant experiences that connect literacy and STEM learning activities! Tune in throughout the summer as we are sure to share action shots of these young stars! 

Shine bright this week!

We Inspire Your Progress!

Watch! We share a message of inspiration as you continue on your journey to accomplishing your goals and realizing your dreams! We also remind you to check out our May Headlines to view our progress, thus far, toward our 2021 goals. 

And finally, we invite you to share your journey with us so we can cheer you on! May you feel accomplished this week.

We Share Our Resources and Perspectives!

Watch! We release two new resources this week! First, a new LoravoreⓇ Learning Resource where we explore when and how to best elicit students’ knowledge and abilities with digital assessments. 

Second, Our Perspectives on Equity video feature where we answer two questions about equity that are foundational to Bluknowledge: What is equity? What does it mean to advance equity? 

May you find peace (✌🏾 ) this week!

Thank You for Watching!

Watch! We THANK YOU for connecting with us via social media, our website, and in your inbox! We appreciate your support as we grow our team, resources, and services to advance equity in schools and communities.

We encourage mission-based organization and education leaders to schedule a consultation with us to realize their mission and empower their teams. May you feel seen this week!

We Shine Our Partner Spotlight!

Watch! We shine ✨  our partner spotlight  ✨  on Nurturing Wellness Consulting. Their mission: “Partnering to Build Healthier Communities Where the Child in Each of Us Can Thrive”. We are collaborating for change that empowers North Dakota’s Black community to not only survive the COVID-19 pandemic, but thrive beyond it.

Calling all organizations that are mission-aligned with Bluknowledge! Schedule a consultation so we can put our heads and hearts together to advance equity in schools and communities. May you thrive this week!

We Appreciate You, Educators!

Watch! We show our appreciation for teachers and school leaders for leaning into “teachable moments” and modeling how to persevere through challenges with compassion and care for their learning communities. Keep tabs on our 2021 progress as we share our April Headlines. Put into practice the phrase “Each One, Teach One”. You never know whose success you might inspire.

📣 It’s T-I-M-E!

Watch! It’s T-I-M-E for our newest Loravore®️ Learning Resource: Facilitating Equitable and Collaborative Learning with Digital Whiteboards — The Sequel! And yes, I broke out the pompoms! Effective digital instruction will remain a necessary resource for advancing equity in schools even after this pandemic ends. So we encourage educators to interact with our on-demand professional learning resources and empower themselves to deliver effective digital instruction!

Raising Awareness — Together!

Watch! This week, we’re in a playful mood! After a little gameplay, we discuss the importance of awareness campaigns for building collective understanding and action. We invite you to view our recent video feature on Black Maternal Health and peruse our newest webpage: “Our Perspectives on Equity”. We close with a question of inspiration: ✨ How will you add your voice to conversations intended to change our world?! ✨

✨ We Shine Our Partner Spotlight — Twice! ✨

Watch! This month we shine our ✨ partner spotlight ✨ on two amazing organizations: Liberty STEAM Charter School and KJ Consulting Group. Together, they are “putting in the work” to ensure that even the youngest scholars become empowered community leaders! We encourage you to schedule a consultation with us to learn how we can partner with your organization in pursuit of your mission. This week, let your light shine! ✨

Enjoy the Thrill of the Hunt . . . and the Find! 🥚

Watch! We celebrate the season with our 1st Annual Egg Hunt Giveaway! It’s fully digital, so watch, count, and enter for the chance to win an EGGstra special prize! Per usual for the start of the month, we share our “Headlines” for March and discuss our mantra, “from hundreds to thousands!” We encourage you to share the good news about Bluknowledge Consulting Services and LoravoreⓇ Learning so we can grow our reach and good works!

Celebrating Herstory, Learning, and Safety!

Watch! We close out March the same way we started— like lion-nesses!! We are glad for our celebration of Women Herstory Month, where we discuss issues and innovations that affect women the most, and our growing set of LoravoreLearning Resources that empower educators to deliver effective digital instruction. 

And yes, the second part of our weekly update is a public service announcement to advance health and safety in your community during this COVID-19 pandemic. Watch. Share. Be Safe.

Moments of Learning and Remembrance!

Watch! We entice you to interact with our growing set of LoravoreLearning Resources! Later this week, we release our newest monthly Loravore Learning Resource: Facilitate Equitable & Collaborative Learning with Digital Whiteboards. In celebration of Women’s Herstory Month, we continue to illuminate issues and innovations that affect women the most! We close with a moment of remembrance to stop hate against the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ☘️

Watch! This week we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day safely and at a virtual distance! Educators are encouraged to interact with our growing set of LoravoreLearning Resources and register for our Empower Sessions

Women’s Herstory Month is still in effect with discussions of childcare, business funding for Black Women entrepreneurs, and equity. Entrepreneurs should check out Pathways to HerRise! Dr. Erika D. Tate is one of 9 contributing authors who offer their personal story and practical advice as inspiration!

We Shine Our Partner Spotlight!

Watch! This month we shine our partner spotlight on the ARISE Partnership at UC Berkeley for promoting science learning, antiracism, and student agency!  We continue our celebration of Women’s #Herstory Month with video discussions of issues that have a disparate impact on women and showcase innovative approaches to social change. Plus, we encourage you to create space to take care of yourself.

We’re Off to a ROAR-ing Start!

🦁 Watch! We enter March like a lion-ness! Check out Our February Headlines to keep tabs on our progress in 2021. Get ready to celebrate Women’s Herstory Month! We’re planning to discuss issues that have a disparate impact on women and showcase innovative approaches to social change. Plus, we encourage you to roar with pride about all you have achieved!

We Share Happenings!

Watch! We share happenings! Later this week, we will release our NEW monthly Loravore®️ Learning Resource to empower educators to deliver effective digital instruction. We announce Dr. Tate’s upcoming ASCD webinar on Building an Equitable Assessment Practice. And we close with a reminder to celebrate Black History all year long!

Happy Lunar New Year!

Watch! This week we celebrate the Lunar New Year! It’s the Year of the Ox — an animal known for its steadfastness and desire to make progress! Our Black History Month celebration continues to inspire! Plus, we wish you plenty of love and luck as you continue on your journey to realizing your dream. Connect with us: Schedule a consultation. Register for an Empower Session.

We’re Shining a Spotlight!

Watch! This month we shine our partner spotlight on The Center for STEM Research at Hofstra University! Our Black History Month celebrations continue! Plus, we encourage you to incorporate learning and levity into your workflow. Stay connected!

A Few Fun Happenings!

Watch! We announce a few fun happenings this week: We share our January headlines, participate in World Read Aloud Day, and celebrate Black History Month! Plus, we encourage you to pause and reflect on your successes, thus far in 2021. Stay connected!

Celebrate Loved Ones Who Inspire You!

Watch! We celebrate our family and friends who inspire us and Katherine’s 3rd birthday (spoiler alert: there might be a cute pic)! We also announce our Loravore Learning Empower Sessions and monthly Loravore Learning Resource: Build an Equitable Assessment Practice. Stay connected!

What Legacy Will You Leave?

Watch! We get a bit presidential as we celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and share expectations for our new leaders of the United States of America: President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris. As you pursue the American Dream, what legacy will leave? Connect with us!

We’re Shining a Spotlight!

Watch! This month we spotlight Parent University in Savannah, Georgia! 💜 We encourage you to embrace a nimble and responsive mindset on your journey to realizing you dreams. Organizations seeking a creative and connected research partner, schedule a consultation with us.

Happy New Year!

Watch! We celebrate the new year, share the “headlines“ we wish to make this year, and send encouragement and energy for your 2021 journey!

Happy Holidays!

Watch! We wish you and your family a Happy Holidays!🎄 ❤️

Journeys Not Yet Imagined!

Watch! This week, we celebrate #NationalLetterWritingDay and share closing reflections from the Impact Hub and adidas Close the Gap Program! We’re reminded to pause and make space for creativity and journeys not yet imagined!

We also announce this week’s Loravore Learning Campaign featuring a new digital learning tool and strategy to empower teachers to deliver effective digital instruction. Subscribe to our newsletter for the chance to win a FREE LoravoreⓇ Learning session.

We’re Shining a Spotlight!

Watch! This week, we shine a spotlight on the Savannah Music Festival Musical Explorers program, share about our Bluknowledge Consulting Services for organizations, and announce our attendance at #ISTE20 Live!

What’s on your Thanksgiving Menu! 🍽

Watch! Whether you’re celebrating with time-honored traditions or creating new ways to connect with family and friends and show thanks, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! #ThankfulForYou

Learning to Finish Strong!

Watch! This week our Loravore Learning Community is featuring a new digital learning tool and strategy. Plus, advice for finishing the year strong as the holidays begin. Subscribe to our newsletter for the chance to win a FREE Loravore Learning session.

Happy Veterans Day!

Watch! 🇺🇸  Veterans Day shoutout, pitch competition update, and an invitation to reflect on change in our country. 🇺🇸  Connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and via our newsletter.

Invite Others on Your Journey!

Watch!💥  Get pumped up and ready to go!💥  I encourage you to invite others on your journey and to cheer me on in SCORE’s “BizPitch Savannah™ 2020 Entrepreneurial Competition.

We’re Building our Loravore Learning Community!

Watch to learn why we want to connect with teachers. Learn with us as we Build a Learning Community with Padlet. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter for the chance to win a FREE Loravore Learning session.

What’s Your Northern Star?

Watch for an update on the Impact Hub and adidas Close the Gap Program and #Loravore from Dr. Erika D. Tate.

Watch this weekend update video! 

Dr. Erika D. Tate participates in HerRise Conference as a HerRise Micro-Grant Winner. Tune in for updates on the Fan Favorite and Live Pitch competitions.