We empower teachers to design and deliver
equitable & effective instruction that
meets the needs of every learner.

  • Is your school or district hiring more new teachers than ever?
  • Are you trying to figure out how to prepare new teachers to design and deliver equitable & effective instruction?
  • Are you struggling to keep equity front of mind during what seems like constant transition?

We support your pursuit of #InstructionalEquity during these challenging times.

Our Loravore® Professional Learning

Our foundational workshop, Planning for Instructional Equity, is grounded in Loravore® Learning EQ, our equity-driven instructional design framework.

Perfect for summer, back-to-school & in-service professional learning events!

Our experienced facilitators create a supportive professional learning space where teachers and leaders

  • build knowledge about what equitable participation and achievement looks, sounds, and feels like in their learning community
  • engage in a modeled planning process that includes reflection, tools, and examples 
  • collaboratively plan upcoming lessons by posing questions and exchanging ideas about instructional strategies and resources
  • consider how their beliefs and instructional practices support them to meet the needs of every student.

Teachers and leaders receive a Loravore® Learning EQ Instructional Equity Planning Guide.
This is a 1- or 2- part workshop series that focuses on Participation and/or Achievement.

Your Plans for Loravore® Professional Learning

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“Dr. Erika Tate was very energetic and prepared. I love that that she engaged so thoughtfully in discussions. You can tell she’s very knowledgable and quick to understand where her learners are struggling.”

— Teacher, Huntsville City School District

Explore Loravore® Professional Learning

Attend our monthly webinar: Framing Instructional Equity with Loravore® Learning EQ.
Let’s talk through your learning needs for teachers and students.
Take a PEEP at Loravore® Learning EQ, our equity-driven instructional framework

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