Loravore Learning | Position Digital Assessments for Equitable Learning

We are on a quest to figure out the best way to question learners. We designed this LoravoreLearning Resource to explore the power and position of digital assessments in promoting equitable learning.

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“Deliver Content, then Assess”
“Assess During Content Delivery”
Closing Notes

Introduction: The Power of Digital Assessments

What features of digital assessments position teachers to facilitate equitable learning?

  • Digital assessments make visible students’ responses to the questions we ask.
  • Digital quizzes are popular and familiar tools that enable us to assess students anytime, anywhere and offer new and different options for students to represent what they know and can do.

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Engage in a Common Instructional Pattern: “Deliver Content, then Assess”

A common instructional pattern is to deliver content via lecture, slide presentation, or video. Then, administer a quiz to students to check their understanding or see what they’ve learned.

Engage with our Instructional Example! 👇🏾

1. Watch Mini-Lesson on Interactive Video!

Video Source: Loravore Learning | Empowering Learning with Interactive Video

2. Take Digital Quiz via Formative!

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As discussed in the previous video, digital quizzes can prove to be powerful tools for building an equitable assessment practice. Students have multiple options to demonstrate their skills and abilities via their devices at home or in school. Individual and class data provide evidence of learning that can be used to inform instruction decision making. 

What else could we learn about student thinking if we repositioned the digital quiz from after instruction to during instruction? 

Discover more with our next Instructional Example! 👇🏾

Reposition Digital Assessments: “Assess During Content Delivery”

Interact with our Video on Formative Assessments via PlayPosit (Quiz Included)! 

Video Source: Loravore Learning | Power Up Interactive Video with Formative Assessment

Interactive video platforms, like PlayPosit or EdPuzzle, insert digital assessments into students’ multimedia learning experiences. You can “pause” content delivery to pose questions in various formats and generate evidence of learning at multiple points during instruction. Similar to digital quizzes, summaries of student responses are available for review during and after instruction.

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Closing Notes: Embed Digital Assessments into Your Instruction

What happens when you embed digital assessments into your digital instruction?

Summary of Closing Notes for Loravore Learning Resource: Position Digital Assessments for Equitable Learning

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