STEMGenetics | Design and Research of Science Curriculum, Assessments, and Professional Development

Since 2012, bluknowledge llc has provided curricular design and research and professional learning services for the National Science Foundation (NSF) Discovery Research K-12 (DRK-12) grant: Designing an Integrated Framework for Genetics Education to Develop Innovative Curricula and Assessment. (Principal Investigators: Drs. David Stroupe (previously Michelle Williams) of Michigan State University and Kevin McElhaney (previously Angela H. DeBarger) of SRI)

This 5-year project explores the integration of best practices in technology-supported instructional design, formative assessments, and teacher professional development for genetics instruction across upper-elementary, middle and high school. Bluknowledge LLC has collaborated to (a) design a 4-week Web-based Inquiry in Science Environment (WISE) unit: Using Genetics to Get What You Want: Feeding the World in 2052; (b) design and facilitate effective professional learning experiences for teachers in Texas and Michigan; and (c) conduct qualitative research on student learning to investigate the impact of the Grade 7 STEMGenetics Heredity Curriculum on students’ integrated understanding of genetic expression. More . . . 

Professional Learning | Integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) into Classroom Learning Experiences

In Fall 2015, Bluknowledge LLC designed and delivered four professional learning experiences, Engineering your Classroom for STEM Design Challenges, to K-12 teachers in Henry County Schools near Atlanta, Georgia. During these interactive sessions, teachers completed mini-design challenges, actively participated in discussions with their colleagues about the role of STEM in 21st Century Learning, and discovered over 15 different STEM resources that could be integrated into their classroom. At the end of the session, participated reported an increased knowledge of STEM design challenges and communicated plans to implement at least one STEM design challenge within the semester.

Early Learning | Educating Parents and Community about STEM and Maker Learning

In late 2015, Bluknowledge LLC began facilitating sessions at Early Learning College aimed to empower families with the knowledge, tools, and resources to implement STEM or Maker activities at home or in their community. Participants engage in hands-on activities to learn the why STEM and Maker learning matters for early learners, identify STEM and Maker tools and resources, and to practice encouraging inquiry with questions and praise.

WISEngineering Guys and Gals | Design and Research of STEM Learning in Afterschool Settings

At the end of 2014, Bluknowledge LLC began to provide curricular design services for the The National Science Foundation (NSF) grant: WISE Guys and Gals—Boys and Girls as WISEngineering STEM Learners. (Principal Investigator: Dr. M.D. Burghardt of Hofstra University)

Bluknowledge LLC (a) collaborates as part of the WISE Guys and Gals team formed from STEM leaders in the country and (b) works with Brookhaven National Laboratory and Boys and Girls Clubs (in New York and New Jersey) to develop nine 1 to 2 hour engineering design activities and two one-week summer activities implemented by Boys and Girls Clubs. The team will use the online learning environment, WISEngineering, for children to learn relevant STEM content and provide support materials for the learning facilitators to oversee the youth’s activities.

Professional Learning | Improving Instructional and Assessment Practices in K-12 Classrooms

In 2012, Bluknowledge LLC began to provide a range of professional learning services as a consultant for the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE). Services have included included instructional coaching for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) teachers in Williamstown, MA, Port Huron, MI, Brigham City, UT, Alpine, UT, and Waialua, HI; and facilitation of professional learning activities for K-12 teachers and administrators in Lancaster, CA, Las Vegas, NV, Birmingham, AL, Waco, TX, Ipswich, MA and Channelview, TX.

Professional Learning | Improving Instructional Effectiveness among Physician Faculty

In the Fall 2012, Bluknowledge LLC designed and delivered a customized professional learning series for the Physician Assistant faculty at South University. It was relevant, participant-centered, collaborative, and promoted lifelong learning. Throughout the four-workshop series, ten (10) faculty engaged in a collaborative professional practice where they developed strategies that enabled them to:

    • Communicate learning objectives and expectations of student performance
    • Design and deliver pre-, formative, and summative assessments
    • Deliver student-centered instruction
    • Create a culture of feedback for students and faculty

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