a curated learning experience that empowers you to make the world a more just place

Remix EQ Seminar

Remix EQ™ Seminar is a curated learning experience that empowers mission-driven professionals to make the world a more just place.

Dr. Erika D. Tate curates and facilitates a welcoming and supportive space for reflection, knowledge-building, and inspiration among those who feel overwhelmed by the inequities of the world, isolated from others who center equity in their work, or unsure of how to become a changemaker.

Dr. Erika D. Tate, Learning Curator & Facilitator

During this seminar, you will build community with other changemakers across fields and disciplines as you explore themes of identity, inquiry, and impact. Specifically, you will consider the following questions:

  • [IDENTITY] How do my lived experiences shape my pursuit of equity in school, community, and work spaces?
  • [INQUIRY] In what ways can I investigate and address inequities in and with the communities I serve?
  • [IMPACT] What can I do within my sphere of influence to make the world a more just place?

Your investment of grants you exclusive access to

  • the Remix EQ™ Digital Guide to Centering Equity in Your Work, which includes a collection of reflective exercises, templates, and prompts to craft your Remix EQ™ Manifesto & develop your Remix EQ™ Professional Learning Plan where you clarify “why” and how you will center equity in your work.
  • 15 days of curated professional learning content where you will
    • map your personal and professional experiences and learnings to reflect on how they have or can inform your pursuit of equity
    • select 1-2 equity-driven frameworks and/or lenses that to guide your approach to working toward equitable outcomes with and in the communities you work, live, and play
    • complete your personalized Remix EQ™ Professional Learning Plan with your SMART goals, equity-driven resources, and actionable next steps for centering equity in your work over the next 30, 60, and 90 days.
  • 3 90-minute live virtual community-building sessions and an online discussion space to network with each other sharing examples, asking questions, and bringing attention to perspectives and approaches that lead to equitable outcomes.

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