Watch my Inspire Talk! Learn Why I 💖 Community!


Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the ICLE Consultant Summit in New Orleans, Louisiana. As consultants, we were invited to give an Inspire Talk and share what inspires us in our personal and professional lives.

Eager and energized, I took to the “stage” to share what has inspired my love of community and designing learning experiences that empower communities.

If you have 5 minutes . . .

Watch my full Inspire Talk to hear how my childhood and a career devoted to the design of community learning experiences helped me foster a sense of belonging, purpose, and home.

If you have only 2 minutes . . .

Learn how I have designed community learning in the Bay Area, California and Savannah, Georgia.

If you have only 1 minute . . .

Discover how my military childhood helped to foster a love of community that has driven my career choices.

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