Watch Out World (WOW!) I’m on TV!

WOW! Fall has been absolutely fantastic! In between community forums, focus groups, and the promotion of healthy actions, I scored the opportunity to appear on TV! And how apropos that my small screen debut takes place on Parent University TV with Michael O’Neal.

So the next time you find yourself channel surfing, pause on SGTV Channel 8 and check out Mike and myself chatting it up about bluknowledge, community building, healthy living, and of course fun.

For those in the practice of TV viewing on demand, you can view the full-length episode right here: (Also, check out Episode Highlights for Easy Viewing and Sharing.)


Episode Highlights for Easy Viewing and Sharing

Learn a Little More about Me

I like to consider myself a community enthusiast . . .


The Philosophy of bluknowledge

It’s really about putting thought into how you engage people so that they recognize the knowledge they’re bringing to the situation as well as the knowledge they can take and share with each other.


How I First Became Involved with the Forsyth Farmers Market

I really like to bring out the talent of those who wish to hula hoop . . . coque iphone It’s a gift.


Healthy Living = Community Building + Fun!

[Health is] fun. coque iphone xr It’s part of your day-to-day . coque iphone 2019 pas cher . coque iphone 2019 . coque iphone en ligne It doesn’t’ need to be a chore. coque iphone 2019 It’s your life!


Promoting Health by Listening and Sharing

I think it’s important that if you ask community members to participate and inform the work that you’re doing that you should share that information back . . coque iphone pas cher .