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This Women’s History Month, we celebrate by planting seeds of social change. We discuss issues that have a disparate impact on women and showcase innovative approaches to equitable change. Watch. Read. Share. Advocate!


Issue: In the US, childcare is essentially a requirement for the working. Yet for many, high-quality childcare is unaffordable. In nearly half the states in the US, the average cost of full time child care for an infant exceeds the average cost of rent [3].

Impact: Presented with the impossible choice of parenting or working, women have left the workforce at a rate of 4 times more than men [2]. This results in a loss of income, decreased representation of women in the workplace, and the missed opportunity to include the unique perspectives and experiences of women in conversations and decision-making.

Innovation: Browse the venture portfolio of Promise Venture Studio to discover innovative approaches to ensuring that high-quality childcare is affordable and accessible to all families.


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Issue: Despite growth in the number of firms, gaps in revenue, investments, and securing business financing exists for Black Women entrepreneurs. The average revenue for Black women-owned businesses was $24,000 per year compared to $218,800 dollars for white women-owned businesses [2].

Impact: When Black women dip into their personal savings or incur personal debt to start or sustain their businesses, they put themselves and their families’ security at risk. It is unfair for one group to assume such a disproportionate amount of debt, risk, and delays in personal or family wealth for the American dream of being a business owner [1].

Innovation: Innovative approaches that advance equity in accessing business funding and financing are as diverse as Black Women entrepreneurs: Black Girl Ventures · iFundWomen · New Voices · Hello Alice · Digital Undivided  · Backstage Capital · 1863 Ventures · Fearless Fund · HerSuiteSpot · ACE Women’s Business Center · EnrichHER

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