We Discuss Advancing Equity!

In this Perspectives on Equity feature, we consider two questions that are foundational to our work at Bluknowledge: 1. What is equity? 2. What does it mean to advance equity? Watch. Read. Share. Advance equity!

Equity is an outcome, an expectation of fairness. When equity is achieved, everyone has access to the resources, opportunities, and pathways needed to thrive.

It considers how oppressive histories have established social polices and practices, which have lead to generational barriers that Black, Indigenous, People of Color must unfairly overcome in order to access the resources, opportunities, and pathways needed to thrive. 

To advance equity, we must be in pursuit of what is fair for the communities we offer our support and who accept it.

Our methodologies and processes must be responsive, respectful and amplify the voices of those seldom heard. 

In the pursuit of programming, policies, or technologies that advance equity, we must ask: How will this innovation increase this community’s access to resources, opportunities, and pathways needed to thrive?

Learn how Bluknowledge advances equity in schools and communities.

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Our Perspectives on Equity

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