We Discuss Childcare!

We invite you to contribute to our Promoting Equity conversations that center childcare, its challenges, and approaches aimed to advance equity for children, childcare workers, families, and communities. As we share this this set of resources, we consider

  • how childcare must be central to social innovation in order to advance gender equity, grow the nation’s workforce, and empower women to thrive
  • why the pursuit of racial equity can lead to policies that improve the childcare system for communities of color
  • benefits, challenges, and alternatives of universal pre-K
  • barriers to participation in quality-rating and accreditation processes for childcare providers. 

Then, we ask:

  • What innovations do you propose to end the childcare crisis so women can thrive in the ways that matter most to them?
  • How do you ensure that your policymaking encompasses an anti-racist approach that will result in a more equitable childcare system?
  • What type of collaborations have you engaged in to ensure high-quality learning for young children?
  • How are you increasing access to high-quality childcare – re/defining standards of care or increasing participation in QRIS and accreditation programs?

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Childcare Crisis
Anti-Racist Approach
Pre-K Access & Collaboration
Inequities in Quality

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