We Discuss Early STEM Learning!

We invite you to contribute to our Promoting Equity conversations about how early Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) learning experiences can advance equity in schools and communities. As we share this set of early STEM learning resources, we

  • consider the role of identity, representation, and place in early STEM learning experiences that include children of color.
  • wonder how teacher education and professional learning can prepare early and elementary teachers to facilitate STEM learning in a manner that’s responsive to the cultural and linguistic experiences of children.
  • explore how families can be supported to engage in justice-centered, field-based science experiences.
  • seek to crowdsource STEM-inspiring children’s books for early learning settings at home, in schools, and across communities.

To learn how to best center the identities and experiences of children of color, even our youngest learners in early STEM learning, we ask:

  • How are you nurturing early STEM learning identities among children of color that connect to their family and community lives?
  • What professional learning experiences are you offering preschool and elementary teachers to increase equity and justice in STEM learning?
  • What frameworks and tools do you use to engage families in local, field-based STEM learning?
  • Which children’s books promote diverse ways of knowing and doing STEM?

Click the thumbnails below to join our Promoting Equity conversations! 👇🏾

Early STEM Identities
Professional Learning
Family STEM Learning
STEM-Inspiring Books

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