“The Tools”

This webpage: https://www.bluknowledge.com/wisecareer

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“The Talk”

  • “When I was in the 6th grade . . . “ (Career Pathway)
  • “Exciting Happenings!!” (Current Role & Projects)
  • “What else can I share?”
    • Lessons Learned
    • Any additional Q & A

“The Small Group”

Current situation: LoravoreLearning Resources have been developed as

  1. proof of concept/pre-minimally viable product for a digital platform that includes digital content delivery and interactions.
  2. content marketing or “free” information given to potential customers and supporters to build brand awareness and eventually convert to newsletter subscribers, social media followers, or consultation schedulers.
  3. testbed for digital learning interactions to include in upcoming online courses or other more structured learning experiences.

Current thinking: These LoravoreLearning Resources can be examples of self-initiated, self-paced micro learning experiences that can standalone or connect with other resources.

Learners are more likely to engage with similar learning resources during a facilitated learning experience than a self-paced one.
[ASCD Webinar Example]

I am wondering what about the facilitated condition could/should be replicated or repurposed to increase engagement during self-paced learning?

  • What are the characteristics of teachers who are explorers or engagers of these resources? How do we design for these different digital/professional learning personas?
  • What additional digital interactions would move teachers from exploring the learning resource –> engaging with the learning resource?
    • additional guidance?
    • feedback?
    • incentives?

Here’s a select set of LoravoreLearning Resources to ground our thinking:

Build an Equitable Assessment Practice with Video-Based Academic Discussion
Build an Equitable Assessment Practice with Padlet
Power Up Interactive Video with Formative Assessment
Image for Loravore Learning Resource: Facilitate Equitable and Collaborative Learning with Digital Whiteboards featuring Jamboard!
Facilitate Equitable and Collaborative Learning with Digital Whiteboards

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