Loravore®️ Learning by Bluknowledge empowers STEM learning in schools and communities with design-driven professional and curricular learning experiences.

Professional Learning

We provide several different professional learning experiences for teachers, instructional leaders, and learning facilitators in schools and communities.

New Offering! Virtual CoDesign Sessions: facilitated design-thinking sessions with individual or teams of teachers and instructional leaders intended to produce effective in-person, blended, or online instruction for learners in schools and communities.


Primer Sessions: interactive knowledge-building modules about STEM teaching and learning topics, such as inquiry-based learning, design challenges, increasing learner choice, project-based learning, formative and performance assessments, career connections, and community partnerships.


Studio Sessions: guided instructional design workshops that engage instructional leaders in the collaborative planning of interdisciplinary STEM lessons or projects that align to standards, scaffold high-level thinking, include formative and performance assessments, integrate digital technologies, and connect to current and future students’ lives (communities, STEM careers).


Practice Sessions: sustained job-embedded coaching that supports teachers and instructional leaders to implement and refine their STEM lessons or projects within a plan— observation—feedback and reflect cycle that emphasizes assessment of student learning and growth.


For more information about Loravore®️ Learning by Bluknowledge, contact Dr. Erika D. Tate via erika@bluknowledge.com or 912.342.4578.